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POWER YOUR FUTURE              

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10 MW


Need power and space now?

We have 10 MW installed ready and operational. 

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The Perfect Home for your AI 

Data center colocation for Artificial Intelligence services that need suistainable power now at europe's cheapest electricity prices with unparalled PUE performance

Why Terakraft


We are directly connected to an hydro-power plant, hence 100% electricity consumed is green. We re-purposed an existing reinforced concrete building, avoiding additional scope 3 emissions.

Energy Cost

Electricity prices in Norway are relatively low due to abundant hydroelectric power generation. The country's renewable energy sources and efficient grid infrastructure contribute to affordable and sustainable electricity for its residents and businesses.


Cold Temperatures and access to lake cooling unlock unparalled PUE performance of less than 1.1, perfect for dense workloads such as Artificial Intelligence or High Performance Computing


By using Norwegian companies, we support local communities in Norway, promoting economic growth, reducing unemployment, preserving traditions, and fostering social cohesion, creating a sustainable and thriving society for all.


Make your AI Factory Green. 
Create your Large Language Model sustainably.
Power your inference engines with nature.

Credit: KraftMuseet



 June 4-6

Cannes - FRANCE

Our Story

Reinvent and Restore

Sauda I was commissioned in 1919 producing electricity from hydropower for almost 90 years until 2008 when it was decommissioned.

In 2021 TeraKraft acquired the building to reconvert into a modern datacenter ready to host AI services.

Looking for free heat?

At TeraKraft, we pride ourselves of using renewable energy to power clients' servers.
However we always look for improvement.
Servers continuously produce hot air (>40 C) that can be re-used for several purposes, like greenhouse farming, wood drying or food drying.
If you are interested or want to propose an application for this heat, contact us. We will be happy to collaborate.


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